Sylvio Vianna E Seu Conjunto de Dancas No 2 (1958)

Copacabana CLP 10008

The first album to be posted out of the freshly arrived package sent by Pedro & 300discos is, as you would have guessed if you had an insight of the complete package content, Sylvio Vianna's para dançar masterpiece from 1958.

A curiosity:  Despite the fact that the singer is photographed and dissplayed on the front cover, her name is nowhere to be read, neither on the covers nor on the labels.

Same goes for the other musicians.

Don't let this minor flaw distract you from enjoying:

01. Calypso (High Society) (Cole Porter)
02. Boa Terra (Vicente Paiva / Sá Róris) com  Rosângela
03. Frenesi (Alberto Dominguez)
04. Frasquita (Franz Lehar)
05. Juntinhos (Sylvio Vianna)
06. Usignuolo (Gino Castellani / Carletto Concina / Luigi Martelli)
07. Flor de Lys (Agustín Lara)
08. Música (Sylvio Vianna) com  Rosângela
09. Vereda Tropical (Gonzalo Curiel) com  Rosângela
10. Nós Dois (Vicente Paiva / Fernando Martins)
11. Formosinho (Plinio Carlos dos Santos)
12. Music Makers' (D. Raye / H. Jammes)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Conjunto Orquestral da Fundicao Tupy S/A - Joinville Cidade Jardim (N/D)

NAC 1.225

I strongly recommend that you inform yourselves about the Conjunto Orquestral da Fundição Tupy S/A and this (not for sale) release from the back cover text instead of waiting for my incompetent translation from Portuguese.

I will just give you the track list and say nothing except that the musical direction is by Maestro Hermes G. Ruck:

01. Tanzen moecht ich
02. Puerto Espanol (Feliciano Brunelli / Santos Lipesker)
03. Tango Max
04. Spiel mir eine alte Melodie
05. Hit Parade
06. Seleção de Fox
07. Contigo en la Distancia (C. Portillo de La Luz)
08. I can't stop loving you (Don Gibson)
09. Samba fantastico (Jean Manzon / Toledo / Autori)
10. Frenesi (Alberto Dominguez)
11. Suco Suco (Taranteno Rojas)
12. O Paso do Elefnatinho (Baby Elephant Walk) (Henry Mancini)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos