Don Pablito e Sua Orquestra - Rumbas Inolvidables Vol 3 (1964)

Polydor LPNG 4102

I don't dare to say that Don Pablito is for the first time on Parallel Realities as the blunder I made two posts ago when wrongly accusing Luis Reis to be an accordion player was quite sufficient for the usual "caught in ignorance again" episode for this week.

But let's see: The second volume of the Rumbas Inolvidables series by Polydor, posted on Parallel Realities, was performed by an unnamed orchestra led by an unnamed maestro...

Now on the third volume the maestro is credited as the famous Don Pablito, which sounds to me like a false name under which another famous maestro was recording for Polydor. Memoria Musical lists this LP as the first career album by Don Pablito, and mentions another one, where he performs boleros. Anyway, I suggest to read the text on the back cover yourselves and make your guess.

If I am right in this assumption or not will be, hopefully, cleared by someone who might know the inside story.

What is clear is that, as the previous volume was deleted from server after a short time, you better be quick to download this one as fast as you can, as, although the Depostifiles check went OK after upload, similar might happen again.

The rumbas are:

01. El Cumbanchero (Rafael Hernandez)
02. Danza Lucumi (Ernesto Lecuona)
03. Japanese Rhumba (J. Miller)
04. Rumba Rumba Rumba (Jean Pierre / Walgton F. Silva)
05. El Galito Kiki-riki (Adolfo Castro "Castrito")
06. Los Hijos de Buda (Rafael Hernandez)
07. La Mucura (Antônio Fuentes)
08. Llego El Carnaval (Angelito Guterrez)
09. La Mulata Rumbera (Alejandro Rodriguez)
10. Jungle Drums (Canto Karabali) (Ernesto Lecuona)
11. El Baile Del Sapo (Jean Pierre / Walgton F. Silva)
12. Lengua Mala (José Casamor)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Discoteca Dancante No 3 (1965)

Fantasia/Philips FLP 2012

The third album of the series and the fourth to be posted here out of 5, so far identified as existing.

The compositions, the composers and the performers are:

01. Stella By Starlight (N. Washington / V. Young) Sandoval Dias
02. Palhaçada (H. Barbosa ' L.Reis) Luis Reis
03. Siete Notas de Amor (Santiago C. Alvarado) Chiquinho e Sua Orquestra
04. Sentimental Journey (Brown / Homer /Green) Alberto Mota e Seu Conjunto
05. Samba Que Eu Quero Ver (Djalma Ferreira / João de Barro) Steve Bernard
06. Cachito (C. Velasquez) Sexteto Plaza
07. Hey There (Adler Ross) Boneca e Sua Orquestra
08. Chega de Saudade (A. C. Jobim / V. de Morais) Sandoval Dias
09. Nossos Momentos (H. Barbosa / L. Reis) Trio Odemira
10. Cuando Calienta El Sol (C. Rigual / M. Rigual) Sandoval Dias
11. Adeus América (Geraldo Jacques / Haroldo Barbosa) Luis Reis
12. Aquellos Ojos Verdes (N. Nenendez) Alberto Mota e Seu Conjunto
13. Stormy Weather (Arlen / Khoeler) Boneca e Sua Orquestra
14. Mocinho Bonito (Billy Blanco) Sexteto Plaza
15. Acercate Más (O. Farres) Sandoval Dias
16. Apito No Samba (Luiz Bandeira) Chiquinho e Sua Orquestra
17. Greenfields (Gilkson / Dehr / Miller / Vrs. de R. Nunes) Trio Odemira
18. Tarde Fria (Poly / Henrique Lobo) Steve Bernard


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Steve Bernard was born in Romania in 1915 and came to Brazil after living in Vienna.  
Memoria Musical lists 12 albums for Steve Bernard e seu Conjunto from 1954 to 1962.on Odeon, Sinter, Philips, Continental, RCA.
Especially Ritmo Espetacular from 1962 (RCA) seems very interesting with a singer called Valeria.