Musica de Waldemar Henrique na Interpretacao de Jorge Fernandes (1956)

Sinter SLP 1064

Singer Jorge Fernandes for the first time on Parallel Realities with his second album (a 10' LP), recorded in 1956 as a tribute to composer Waldemar Henrique, who is personally accompanying him on piano.

As far as i could find out, Jorge's first recording, a 78rpm album was released back in 1930, followed by quite an impressive list of other 78rpms, but unfortunately, only three career album followed, the latest being recorded in 1958.

More about both Waldermar Henrique and Jorge Fernandes you may read in a text printed on the back cover.

The compositions are:

01. Minha Terra (Waldemar Henrique)
02. Trem de Alagoas (Waldemar Henrique / Ascenso Ferreira)
03. Violeiro de Estrada (Waldemar Henrique)
04. Meu Último Luar (Waldemar Henrique)
05. Rolinha (Waldemar Henrique)
06. Momento (Minha Amada Tão Longe) (Waldemar Henrique / Alphonsus de Guimarães Filho)
07. Coco Peneruê (Waldemar Henrique)
08. Tamba-Tajá (Waldemar Henrique)
09. Sem Seu (Waldemar Henrique)
10. Boi-bumbá (Waldemar Henrique)
11. Abá-Logum (Waldemar Henrique)
12. Foi Boto Sinhá (Waldemar Henrique / Antônio Tavernard)
13. Matintaperera (Waldemar Henrique / Antônio Tavernard)
14. No Jardim de Oeira (Waldemar Henrique)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Marlene e Pernambuco e Sua Orquestra - Sa-Sa-Rue (1963)

Continental PPL 12108

A collaboration of Marlene and Pernambuco in promoting the new rhythm created by Marino Pinto and Pernambuco named Sa-sa-ruê.

On side one Marlene is singing accompanied by Pernambuco and his orchestra, while side two features only Pernambuco with his orchestra.

Try to dance to:

01. ABC do Sassaruê (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Marlene
02. Denguinho (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Marlene
03. Sa-ra-ruê (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Marlene
04. Quem Me Deu a Flor (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Marlene
05. Vamos Sa-sa-ruá (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Marlene
06. Sa-sa-ruá Meu Bem (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Marlene
07. Neguinha Rafiné (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Pernambuco
08. Yayá Coquê (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Pernambuco
09. Birutinha (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Pernambuco
10. Taboada do Juquinha (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Pernambuco
11. Vovó Legal (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Pernambuco
12. Sultão de Bagdad (Marino Pinto / Pernambuco) Pernambuco


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos