Barbara - EP (2010, a parallel reality)


Желим свима који данас славе да Божић проведу у миру, здрављу, радости и весељу.

I still have not managed to buy a new PC (most of the shops are closed because of Christmas holidays and the employees in those that have been open yesterday and today act as if they are absolutely not interested in selling anything) so I have to check my mail and make an eventual post from other people's computers, I just remembered that some time ago I have uploaded on Deposit an EP with music completely unusual for Parallel Realities (although found in a parallel reality).

Confusing? Yes it is and it will be more confusing for you after you have downloaded and listened to the two selected tracks included.

From my eccentric, Serbian point of view, this is, apart from great artists' from the previous century continuation of their art in the 21 century, the first new, contemporary music done with passion, feeling, rhythm, general joy of living and singing, erotic and masterfully composed and sung by the charming singer from Congo, Вarbara Kanam.

Enjoy the romantic and passionate Jardin d'amour and the ecstatic and hypnotic Si - Si plus the incredible politeness of Barbara crediting the musicians participating on this (studio) recording by name, mixed into the music as part of the texts with some phrases sung in French but mostly in another (beautiful) language unknown to me (Swahili ?):

1. Jardin d'amour (Вarbara Kanam)
2. Si - si (Вarbara Kanam)