Nicanor Teixeira - O Violao Brasileiro de Nicanor Teixeira (1977)

Private production (no label)


At the start of 2015 there are good news and not so good news in this parallel reality.

The good news is that I am able to present you with a rarity out of our friend Stu Blagden's private collection: Violão player Nicanor Teixeiria's LP produced as a limited series private release from 1977. About him and his music there are two texts on the back cover, one by Herminio Bello de Carvalho and the other by Turibio Santos, which I recommend reading.

The not so good news (from my point of view) is that my PC hopelessly crashed at a time where all services and shops are closed because of a short New Year's holiday which will, as usual merge with, the one happening in a few days because of Christmas.
It all means that I can not access my hard discs and the only post which I could make is the one I am doing right now, thanks to the fact that Stu sent me the tracks and cover scans by mail, so I downloaded them again from Gmail to this computer which not mine.
In short: There will be no posts in the next (I hope just a few) days.


Lado A - Nicanor & Decio Arapiraca:

01. Sons de Carrilhoes (João Pernambuco)
02. Dengoso (João Pernambuco)
03. Brasileirinho (João Pernambuco)
04. Tempo de crianca (Dilermando Reis)
05. Interrogando (Jongo) (João Pernambuco)
06. Doutor sabe tudo (Dilermando Reis)
07. Magoado (Dilermando Reis)
08. Carioca No.1 e Doble (Nicanor Teixeira)

Lado B - Nicanor:

09. Olhos Que Choram (Nicanor Teixeira)
10. Estudio no.2 em mi menor (Nicanor Teixeira)
11. Preludio em si menor (Nicanor Teixeira)
12. Estudo no.3 (Nicanor Teixeira)
13. Marulhos (Eduardo Ramos)
14. Berceuse (Othon Salleiro)
15. Ponteio (Nicanor Teixeira)


Créditos: Stu Blagden