Sinfonia do Rio de Janeiro (1954)

Continental LPA 1000

The symphony of Rio de Janeiro, composed by Billy Blanco and Antonio Carlos Jobim:

Lado A (Acompanhamento - Radamés Gnattali e Sua Orquestra):

1. A Montanha - o Sol - o Mar (Sinfonia Popular Em Tempo de Samba) (Billy Blanco / Tom Jobim) Nora Ney / Lúcio Alves / Os Cariocas / Gilberto Milfont / Emilinha Borba / Dick Farney / Dóris Monteiro / Jorge Goulart / Elizeth Cardoso

Lado B:

2. Arpoador (Tom Jobim / Billy Blanco) Quinteto Continental            
3. Noites do Rio (Tom Jobim / Billy Blanco) Quinteto Continental            
4. O Samba de Amanhã (Tom Jobim / Billy Blanco) Quinteto Continental            
5. Hino ao Sol (Tom Jobim / Billy Blanco) Quinteto Continental            
6. Descendo O Morro (Billy Blanco / Tom Jobim) Quinteto Continental 

Details about this release and various later versions of it you may read on Órfãos do Loronix where Zecalouro's text about it all is reprinted.


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

ABOUT ALL VERSIONS by Brazilliance:
Being Jobim’s first orchestral effort, this is a recording of historic importance. However, while the second recording from 1960, again with Gnattali but different vocalists, is just as popular as the debut, the third recording seems less known: in 1961, the Sinfonia was the soundtrack for Esse Rio Que Eu Amo featuring Lana Bittencourt and Haroldo de Almeida on lead vocals, arranged and directed by Lyrio Panicali. All three versions are compiled for comparison HERE, featuring Os Cariocas as the only act to be included on all three recordings of the Sinfonia do Rio de Janeiro.