Roberto Coura - Joias Musicais

Edições Paulinas EPD-0166

The first time I heard Roberto Coura play organ was about half a year ago and it was altogether great (altogether = Maristela + Roberto Coura + Conjunto).
Efforts to find more by him were fruitless, but I managed to spot the information about the existence of one more career album: Melodias Imortais, on which he performs classical tracks.

The album presented today is one I have not even found randomly mentioned. Here he is also performing classical music, composed by Beethoven, Grieg, Dvorak and several other equally suspicious characters.

In short: A rarity!

The compositions are:

01. Allegro (Hynd)
02. Serenata (Toselli)
03. Gavothe Stephanie (Czibulka)
04. Humoresque (Dvorak)
05. Marcha Triunfal (Grieg)
06. Meditação (Massenet)
07. Narcisus (Nevin)
08. Melodia Em Fá (Rubinstein)
09. Minueto Em Sol (Beethoven)
10. Poema (Fibich)
11. Canção da Índia (Korsakov)
12. Serenata (Schubert)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos