Jonas Cordeiro e Sua Orquestra - O Frevo e Assim (1963)

Philips P 632.122 L

The promised second album full of Frevos by Jonas Cordeiro, comes out as last out of the current package. The reason for it is a dilemma about the cover: It was not included and the net search for it proved as fruitless as can be. Also the label scans show almost nothing that could be used instead of the cover for this blog, because (now this is an assumption but I think it is a true one) the recording has probably been stored for years in a damp, watery place, maybe in some hut hidden deep inside the rain forest. Even Pedro's restoration skills were useless as everything that was paper or cardboard has probably rotted away...
Not so the vinyl itself, unaffected by water, sounding perfect, as if it was just taken home fresh from the local record store.

Pedro, trying to help me with deciphering the names of compositions, composers etc. included a back cover created by himself where all relevant information can be found.

Then the journey through parallel realities started resulting in a surprising find:

In another reality I found a sleeve for this LP without any text on the front cover (bleached by the sun, probably), and the back cover showing a striking resemblance to the back cover Pedro sent to us.

Needless to say that I returned to the reality we all are at the moment you are reading this text with this complete cover and included it in the zip.

Original visual artwork or just a fake, this rare rarity LP sounds like this:

01. Depois Eu Digo (João Santiago / José Felipe dos Reis)  Com Côro Feminino
02. Tricolor (Lourival de Oliveira)
03. Jonas Cordeiro no Frevo (Zumba)
04. Recife dos Meus Amores (João Ismar / Francisquinho) João Mello / Jonas Cordeiro
05. Garrafinha Em Recife (Toscano Filho)
06. Diabo às Quedas (José Xavier De Menezes)
07. Foguete Sem Rumo (Jonas Cordeiro)
08. Recordar É Viver (Edgard Morais)  Com Côro Feminino
09. Papai no Frevo (Geraldo Medeiros)
10. O Frevo do Romeu (Jonas Cordeiro)
11. Tudo É Ilusão (Fernando Borges) João Mello / Jonas Cordeiro
12. Escavacando (David Vasconcelos)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos