Erlon Chaves e Sua Banda Veneno Internacional Vol. 5 (1974)

Philips 6349 126

Erlon Chaves with another (as far as I know) never before presented on the net LP: The final, fifth volume of the Banda Veneno Internacional series.
If you are interested to see the full picture out of which only a fragment is presented on the front cover, then (if you are over 18, of course) you may take a look at the inside cover packed together with Pedro's transfers, covers and label scans.

While staring upon the model decorating the inside cover, enjoy also:

01. I'm Foolisht But I Love You (N. Keys)
02. Do It (Til You're Satisfied) (B. Nichols)
      Ask Me (B. Gaskins)
03. Sideshow (B. Eli / V. Barrett)
      Let's Put It All Together (George David Weiss / Hugo Peretti / Luigi Creatore)
04. Rock The Boat (W. Holmes)
      Rock Your Baby (Harry Wayne Casey / Richard Finch)
05. Daybreak (Nilsson)
      Lady Lay (P. Groscolas / M. Jourdan)
06. Macumba (R. Robinson / J. Willianson)
      You Haven't Done Nothing (Stevie Wonder)
07. We Can Make It Happen Again (George David Weiss / Hugo Peretti / Luigi Creatore)
      It Ain't no Use (Stevie Wonder)
08. The Entertainer (Scott Joplin)
      Whispering (Richard Coburn / Vincent Rose / John Schonberger)
09. La Chanson Pour Anna (André Popp / Jean Claude Massoulier)
      Feelings (Morris Albert)
10. Danielle  (N. Keys)

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