Erlon Chaves e Sua Orquestra - Pra Nao Dizer Que Nao Falei de Sucessos (1968)

Philips R 765.071 L

The second album by Maestro Erlon Chaves I am posting today, was, as far as I know, not presented before on the net, at least not on Loronix (so there will be no Zecalouro's text about it on Órfãos).
The compostions conducted and performed are, as this album was released four years after 1964, in accordance with the general orientation at the time, all international hits with compositions ranging from Paul Simon to Otis Redding, a trend to continue throughout Erlon's opus (as you will see and hear in his following works).

This time it is:

01. Mrs. Robinson (Paul Simon)
02. After The Fox (J. Gross / M. Freda)
03. (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay (Steve Cropper / Otis Redding)
04. Funky Street (A. Conley / E. Simms)
05. Rain And Tears (Evanghelos Papathanassiou / B. Bergman)
06. MacArthur Park (Jimmy Webb)
07. I Say A Little Prayer (Burt Bacharach / Hal David)
08. Fucsia Bird (Devel / Granthon)
09. I Can't Stop Dancing (Kenny Gamble / Leon Huff)
10. Monia (D. Finado / Jager / Maurice Vidalin)


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