Erlon Chaves e Sua Orquestra - Em Tempo de Samba (1961)

RCA Victor BBL 1157

Another premiere on Parallel Realities of a well know figure: Maestro Erlon Chaves , whose several albums have been already presented on the net (several years ago), mostly by the legendary Loronix blog.
So was the first and oldest album to be posted today out of the just arrived package sent by Pedro & 300discos, but this time it is in form of a transfer and cover scans by Pedro.

Needless to mention that Zecalouro's text about this release, as expected in such cases, may be read at the usual suspects place, on Órfãos do Loronix, where it is reprinted.

Here is the track list:

01. É Fácil Dizer Adeus (Tito Madi)
02. O Menino Desce o Morro (Vera Brasil / De Rosa)
03. Água de Beber (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
04. O Nosso Olhar (Sérgio Ricardo)
05. Tema Oriental (Erlon Chaves)
06. Murmúrio (Djalma Ferreira / Luis Antônio)
07. Dindi (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
08. Só Vou de Mulher (Luis Reis / Haroldo Barbosa)
09. Descendo O Morro (Billy Blanco / Tom Jobim)
10. Duas Contas (Garoto)
11. O Barquinho (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
12. A Fuga do Samba (Erlon Chaves)

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Créditos: Pedro & 300discos