Jazz Festival No 1 - Jam Session (1956)


Live recording in the  Teatro de Cultura Artística - São Paulo, during the Primeiro Festival Brasileiro de Jazz, organized by the Jazz Club de São Paulo.

In short: Farnésio Dutra e Silva alas Dick Farney's jazzy jam session, already presented on Loronix several years ago, about which you may read Zecalouro's text reprinted on Órfãos do Loronix.

As usual in such occasions, here are just:

1. The list of the musicians:

Dick Farney: Piano 
Casé: Saxofone 
Rubinho: Bateria 
Choo Viana: Contrabaixo 
Ismael Campiglia: classified on the back cover as "músico amador"

2. The track list:

1. Pennies From Heaven (Arthur Johnston / Johnny Burke)
2. Blues (Autor Desconhecido)             
3. Out Of Nowhere (Edward Heyman / Johnny Green)

3. The notorious, cryptic text which conceals the link:


4. The credits:

Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

Musica Romantica com Dick Farney (1954)

Continental LPP 02

Famous Brazilian jazz pianist Dick Farney  has finally his premiere on Parallel Realities with his first career album, a 10' LP, out of many. 
You may ask why he was not featured earlier...
The answer is simple: Because all of his recordings in my collection have been downloaded from other sites.
Now, as this is a transfer by Pedro, all such considerations are pushed aside.

Enjoy Dick Farney's romantic tracks:

Lado A (com Orquestra):

1. Você Se Lembra (Haroldo Eiras / Victor Berbara) Samba
2. Canção do Mar (Bruno Marnet) Toada
3. Grande Verdade (Billy Blanco) Samba
4. Outra Vez (Tom Jobim) Samba-canção

Lado B (com L. Pasquet e Sua Orquestra):

5. She's Funny That Way (N. Moret / R. A. Whiting) Fox-trot
6. These Foolish Things (Eric Maschwitz / Jack Strachey / Harry Link) Fox-trot
7. How Deep Is The Ocean (Irving Berlin) Fox-trot
8. You Go To My Head (Haven Gillespie / John Frederick Coots) Fox-trot


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

P.S. On side B Dick Farney is accompanied by the orchestra led by Maestro L. Pasquet about whom I could not find any reference.

On the Lp 12″ Meia-Noite Em Copacabana Com Dick Farney (1956), the Disco has, on the B side track 06 – Toada Amor – Luiz Bonfa and Luiz Pasquet,

I found the info Luis Pasquet (1917 -) born in Salto, Uruguay musician, composer of tangos. He also recorded with the brazilians Joel e Gaucho

I understand that the Uruguayan Luis Pasquet is the same Luis Pasquet, as a musician. And in Castilian or Spanish is not usual a z letter in the name Luis.

Roberto Corte Real, on the back cover, was a Brazilian expert in Jazz, which in the 1960s was a director of EMI-ODEON and CBS in Brazil. The producer Jose Scatena came to have an important recording studio also in 1960s