Djalma Ferreira e Seus Milionarios do Ritmo - Drink Em Sao Paulo (1960)

Discos Drink DLP DF 13.007

Djalma Ferreira and his immensely rich rhythm section just arrived inside a new package sent by Pedro & 300discos.

A rarity from '58 and Djalma's first album released for his Discos Drink. No Miltinho here, but there is Luiz Bandeira and on one track Lila de Oliveira, Dalva de Oliveira's sister who we have already met several times in another parallel reality.

The heavy drinking atmosphere in the boite Drink recorded on the Discos Drink label may be clearly imagined while enjoying a cool drink and/or while dancing to these compositions:

01. Choro Sim (Djalma Ferreira / Iza Ferreira) Luiz Bandeira e coro
02. Agradeço a Você (Djalma Ferreira / Luiz Bandeira) Luiz Bandeira e coro
03. Nunca Mais (Ed Lincoln / Silvio César) Lila de Oliveira e coro
04. Vendaval (Djalma Ferreira / Carlos Barroso)
05. St. Louis Blues (William Christopher Handy)
06. Já Me Convenci (Djalma Ferreira / Iza Ferreira) Luiz Bandeira e coro
07. Tamborim (Carlos Barroso / Humberto Teixeira) Luiz Bandeira e coro
08. Murmurio (Djalma Ferreira / Luiz Antonio)  
09. Drink Em São Paulo (Djalma Ferreira / Paulo Nunes) Luiz Bandeira e coro
10. Penumbra (Djalma Ferreira / Jair Amorim)
11. Confissão (Djalma Ferreira / Luiz Bandeira) Luiz Bandeira e coro
12. Summertime (G. Gerswin)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

DATE EDIT by Andreas Dünnewald - Brazilliance:

Auf der Vorderseite steht die Katalognummer DLP DF 13.007 – dieses Album steht also zwischen Convite ao Drink  und Combinação Insuperável und ist somit von 1960.