Maria Ignez - O Tema E Amor (1963)

Mocambo LP 40156

Once more the unexpected happens: Maria Ignez, a cantora from the golden period of Brazilian music unknown to me, gets her premiere on Parallel Realities (a place where unknown cantoras are very welcome) with her one and only (?) career LP recorded for Mocambo at an unknown date. Still, judging by the back cover, where some of Mocambo's previous albums are promoted, combined with a guess, I assume that it must be 1963, or 1962.
If you know the exact year, tell me and I will edit the post correspondingly.

While loosing your time in determining the exact date of this release, enjoy Maria's voice singing:

01. As Folhas Verdes de Verão (The Green Leaves Of Summer) (Paul Francis Webster / Dimitri Tiomkin / Vrs. Paulo Rogério)
02. Cabeça Virada (Carlos Cruz / Jair Amorim)
03. São Teus Olhos (William Duba / Nahum Luis)
04. Vem Meu Amor (Hélio Justo)
05. Tanto Amor Tanta Dor (Romeu Fossati)
06. A Noite e a Prece (Evaldo Gouveia / Almeida Rego)
07. Festa nos Olhos (Jorge de Castro / Wilson Batista)
08. Apelo a Iemanjá (J. Serra / Jossicar)
09. Resignação (Vera Falcão / Murillo Latini)
10. Só o Amor É Divino (Marino Pinto / Sergio Malta)
11. Mamãe Orando (Paulo Gesta / Wilson Ferreira)
12. Canção Dos Aflitos (Murillo Latini / Vera Falcão)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos