The Night Lovers cond. Waldemiro Lemke - Quiet Hours (1960)

Hi-Fi Variety Hi-Fi 1005

Waldemiro Lemke has been presented on Parallel Realities with his last career album, on a compilation album by Odeon, as well as arranger and orchestra leader backing Wilma Bentivegna and Leny Caldeira.

Here he is in Quiet Hours from 1960, conducting The Night Lovers as they perform:

01. La Montaña (Augusto Algueró / G. Moreu)
02. Unchained Melody (Alex North / Hy Zaret)
03. Theme Of Summerplace (Steiner)
04. Here In My Heart (P. Genaro / B. Borrelli / L. Levinson)
05. Parlez Moi D'Amour (Jean Lenoir)
06. An Affair To Remember (Harry Warren / Harold Adamson / Leo McCarey)
07. Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael / Mitchell Parish)
08. Romântica (Renato Rascel / Dino Verde)
09. Gelsomina (Nino Rota / Michele Galdieri)
10. Love Letters (Victor Young / Edward Heyman)
11. Fascination (Fermo Dante Marchetti)
12. Farewell To Arms (M. Nascimbene)


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