Guerra Peixe e Orquestra - O Rei da Valsa (Johann Strauss) (1959)

Chantecler CMG 1003

A mail correspondence with friend Fausto Neves, an admirer of Maestro Guerra Peixe, about his music and music for gafieras in general, resulted in his sending me some albums by and featuring Guerra Peixe he found on the net and which were not present in my collection.

Here is an extract from one of his mails:

"Cesar Guerra-Peixe was an important Brazilian composer, music professor, arranger and conductor.
Even as a composer of concert music, he worked a lot as musical director, arranger and composer for film music.
He also worked with radio stations orchestras and orchestras of popular dance halls.
In Brazil these dance halls are called gafieiras.

The Lps included here (such as those you have) are best examples of the music for gafieiras."

Here is  Maestro Guerra Peixe in 1959 performing valsas composed by Johann Strauss. This album was digitalized by a charming lady, Cláudia Beraldo.

Die Walzer:

01. Danúbio Azul (Johann Strauss)
02. Sangue Vienense (J. Strauss)
03. Rosas Do Sul (Johann Strauss)
04. Vozes da Primavera (J. Strauss)
05. Valsa do Tesouro (Schatz Walzer) (J. Strauss)
06. O Morcego (Johann Strauss)
07. Vinho Mulher e Canção (J. Strauss)
08. Contos dos Bosques de Viena (J. Strauss)
09. Vida de Artista (Künslerleben) (J. Strauss)
10. Valsa do Imperador (J. Strauss)


Créditos: Cláudia Beraldo / Fausto Neves