Guaruja Boys

MusiColor MLP-9.104

Not exactly a premiere on Parallel Realities, as one composition by Guarujá Boys was featured on a compilation album which was posted HERE (in another reality).
Now they are arriving with a career album (the only one?) recorded at a date unknown to me..

But beware: The singing lady decorating the front cover, Neusa Magalli Collunna "Maggy", described on the back cover as Crooner and in words that made my mouth water (...canta com sua voz suave, encanta o publico...) was a heavy disappointment for me. Not because of her singing, but because she is not singing at all on this album (at least I did not hear even a meow by her).

On the other hand, the Boys are presenting these compositions in a superb way:

01. Influênсia do Jazz (Сarlos Lуra)
02. Nothing ever changes my love for you (Marvin Fischer / J.Segal)
03. Suave é A Noite (Paul Francis Webster / Sammy Sain)
04. Dreamin' (Barry de Vorzon / Ted Ellis)
05. Garota de Ipanema (Antonio C.Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
06. Lullaby in rhythm (Goodman / Sampson / Profit / Hirsch)
07. Vê Se Me Esquece (Jean Haidar)
08. Al-Di-Lá (Drake / Donida)
09. Hully Gully Guarujá (Picky / Antônio C.Sobrino)
10. Ternurinha (Teresa Sousa)
11. Poinciana (Nat Simon)
12. You don't know what love is (Don Raye / Gene Paul)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos