Índio e Seu Conjunto - Um Cavaquinho Pelas Boites (1959)

Polydor LPNG 4053

Índio do Cavaquinho e Seu Conjunto play music almost in accordance with the atmosphere displayed on the cover. I say almost, as the cover displays, beside the politically incorrect cigarette and alcohol flair, also a gentleman lighting his cigarette with a candle, a clumsiness that could have been avoided if he had bought some matches or a lighter prior to taking the lady out to dinner... Unfortunately without these, he makes a non-playboy like impression and it is noticeable that the attention of the lady is focused (rightly) upon the cavaquinho player, rather than upon her escort.

I fear that the evening has not ended as the gentleman has expected, but the music is simply beautiful and compensates it all.

The compositions performed are:

01. Gosto de Ser da Saudade (Fernando César / Tito César)
02. A Noite e a Prece (Evaldo Gouveia / Almeida Rego)
03. Perfume de Gardênia (Rafael Hernandez)
04. Dança do Pica-pau (Édson França / Edinaldo Costa / Índio do Cavaquinho)
05. Minha Saudade (João Donato / João Gilberto)
06. Dó-ré-mi (Fernando César)
07. Nasci Para Bailar (Joel de Almeida / Fernando Lobo / Tasiro)
08. Balada do Amor (Bidú Reis / Murillo Latini)
09. Saudades de Minha Terra (Mário Gennari Filho)
10. Fim de Romance (Rogério Lucas / Wilson Porto)
11. (Édson França / Costa Netto)
12. Pertinho de Mim (Edinaldo Vieira Lima / Hercilio Elias da Silva)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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