Ze Maria - Chaguinha - Dionysio - Guimaraes - Samba Very Kar (1960)

Internacional CID. 27.027

Do I have to stress the fact that this is a premiere of an unknown artist, Chaguinha, about whom I know nothing.
If you ask what instrument he plays on this LP, I can answer only that he does not play sax (as it is played by Dionysio), nor does he play piano (as it is played by Guimaraes). He is also not playing organ (as Ze Maria is doing it)...

Whatever he is playing, these compositions are performed:

01. Samba Very Kar (Ibrahim Sued / Mário Jardim)
02. Esquece (Ary Barroso / Meira Guimaraes)
03. Nega (Waldemar Games / Afonso Teixeira)
04. Voce Passou (Nazareno de Brito / Acir Pires Vermelho)
05. Carinho E Amor (Tito Madi)
06. Chore Comigo (Adelino Moreira)
07. Paraiba (Humberto Teixeira / Luiz Gonzaga)
08. Menina Moca (Luiz Antonio)
09. Meditacao ( Antonio Carlos Jobim / Newton Mendonca)
10. Jura (Ze de Zilda / Marcelino Ramos / Adolfo Jose Macedo)
11. Tem Que Rebolar (Jose Baptista Ribeiro)
12. Amor E A Rosa (Antonio Maria / Pernambuco)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

CLARIFICATION by Brazilliance:

A swinging and lovely album! However, I wondered about some recordings sounding familiar, and a quick check of my inventory proved that this is an compilation album as songs from previously issued albums by Dionysio and Zé Maria were used. Assumingly, the songs marked [?] are taken from Guimarães’ album of 1960. Only the first track remains very mysterious:

01. Samba Very Kar = [n/a]
02. Esquece = Guimarães’ “Tardes na Guanabara” (1960) [?]
03. Nega = Dionysio’s “Romance no Texas Bar” (1959)
04. Voce Passou = Zé Maria’s “Você Quer Dançar” (1959)
05. Carinho e Amor = Dionysio’s “Sax Magia” (1960)
06. Chore Comigo = Guimarães’ “Tardes na Guanabara” (1960) [?]
07. Paraiba = Zé Maria’s “Você Quer Dançar” (1959)
08. Menina Moca = Guimarães’ “Tardes na Guanabara” (1960) [?]
09. Meditacao = Dionysio’s “Sax Magia” (1960)
10. Jura = Zé Maria’s “Você Quer Dançar” (1959)
11. Tem Que Rebolar = Guimarães’ “Tardes na Guanabara” (1960) [?]
12. Amor e a Rosa = Dionysio’s “Sax Magia” (1960)

Still, who is Chaguinha? I guess, it is either the trumpeter or the guitarist.

MORE CONFUSION by Milan Filipović:

Memoria Musical has under the name Chaguinha only one album listed. This one is called the same as this one presented here but has, except for the first track, a different list.
Chaguinha e Seu Sexteto e Coro Sideral - Samba Very Kar (1960)
released for Sideral LPP 2006

Mario Gennari Filho - Ritmos Dancantes (1954)

Odeon LDS 3003

Ritmos Dançantes, Mário Gennari Filho's 10' LP from 1954 was already posted on Parallel Realities under the name Fiesta in Rio, released for Decca and in another cover (you may take a look and compare it by clicking HERE). By coincidence, the link was deleted by mistake, which I discovered just yesterday.

The compositions are:

1. Pra Você Gostar de Mim (Taí) (Joubert de Carvalho) Baião
2. Velho Romance (Mário Gennari Filho) Bolero
3. Maringá (Joubert de Carvalho) Baião
4. Baião Caçula (Mário Gennari Filho) Baião
5. De Papo Pro Á (Joubert de Carvalho / Olegário Mariano) Baião
6. Zíngara (Joubert de Carvalho / Olegário Mariano) Bolero
7. Casinha da Colina (Tradicional / Adpt. Pedro de Sá Pereira / Adpt. Luis Peixoto) Baião
8. Garota (Mário Gennari Filho) Baião


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos